Curriculum guidelines (plan of study) for Dr. Borie's PhD students in algorithms and theoretical CS

Note:  All requirements of the Graduate School, the College, and the Department remain in effect.  This page supplements those requirements.

Fundamental required courses  (each must be taken if not satisfied during the student's undergraduate program) **

Breadth courses in languages area  (must include at least 2 of these courses) **

Breadth courses in systems area  (must include at least 2 of these courses) **

Depth courses in algorithms and theory area  (must include at least 4 of these courses) **

External courses that are relevant to algorithms and theory  (must include at least 2 of these courses; generally, at most 4 of these courses may count toward the degree) **

Elective courses  (select additional CS graduate courses as necessary to reach a total of at least 16 graduate courses) **

** Depending on each student's individual background and research topic and career goals, he/she may be advised to take particular courses within each category above.